Think, Breath, Design.

Since 2012 Conceptual Plus is the Creative Partner for companies with a clear understanding of what Think Different really means; for all the businesses small and large alike. Beside our Head Quarter in London, we expanded in Milan and just recently in Prishtina. We are dedicating our energies in both the Academic as well the enterprise sector. For us it’s a faith, a clear mission is the perception that matter.
Therefore we are here, for you, the visionary who wants to be the Ideal Choice and not just a better version of something that already exists, it is specifically for you that we are constantly study, improving ourselves and invest in training and new technologies that are translated for your company in those platforms and protocols that pragmatic can transform your vision into reality.

We are here for you. Ready. Enhancing yours and your customer satisfaction, through user experience and brand reputation. The very core of (y)our business values. We are here for YOU.

Brand Identity |  Website Development | Visual Design | Digital Marketing

Think, Breath, Design.

Prof Michael Frassine

Conceptual Plus Managing Director